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19 October 2018: Fruit South Africa: Sow the critical seeds of fruit consumption amongst our kids
We owe it to our children to advocate for their awareness around nutrition and obesity, and their fruit consumption seems a good place to start. Thankfully, if you held up an orange or an apple in front of a South African child, there's no question that their identification of the fruit would be accurate.
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24 October 2018: IOL: Educate children about nutrition
Teaching our children about nutrition, as well as the dangers of obesity, is critical. Why not start with their fruit consumption?
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27 November 2018: Market access sustains SA's fresh fruit industry
It’s the time of year when we tap into our affinity for relationships, which we hardly view alongside billions of rands, or the creation of thousands of much needed jobs. Well, when it comes to market access, SA’s R44 billion fresh fruit industry does just that.
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