Our Values Statement

Fruit SA strives - through its facilitative role - to contribute to a growing, profitable, sustainable and equitable fruit industry in South Africa.
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Who Are We

Fruit SA, is a non-profit organisation and the umbrella body of the South African fruit industry. Fruit SA creates and facilitates a competitive, equitable and sustainable environment for fresh fruit marketing and promotion for its members.

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Our Objectives

• Establish Fruit SA as the collective platform for the fruit industry in South Africa
• Engage constructively with government and other public institutions on policy, legislation and ther fruit matters
• Engage constructively with other strategic stakeholders
• Promote and coordinate Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), transformation and skills development
• Gather and disseminate key industry related information
• Communicate industry information to broaden public and industry stakeholders

Our Members

SATI •        |      CGA •
HORTGRO •    |      FPEF •

Fruit SA in Numbers


Fruit Exports from SA

300 000

Jobs in the Sector


Fruit Receiving Countries

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